Samsung OfficeServ 7400 Enterprise IP PABX/PBX Phone System

Supporting up to 480 phones in a single site or thousands of users in a multisite network, this robust communication platform keeps everyone and everything connected with true convergence. The OfficeServ 7400 offers the scalability your business requires, while providing the reliability you need to keep your business growing at all times.

  • Sophisticated enough to handle any of Samsung’s wired, wireless, digital, IP, and analogue range of handsets
  • Your 7400 OfficeServ’s suite of applications link your people to your systems call processing and management tools
  • Perfect for large & medium business supports up to 480 handsets
  • VOIP applications (IP phones/IP networking) and wireless technology can be added to provide your company with a powerful converged solution
  • Feature-rich functionality help your staff personalize their work station
  • Use OfficeServ DataView for all your call center functions (ACD), system monitoring, and reports